The Maharaja Agrasen Hospital is located in the heart of Bangalore and is known of its excellence in the field of medicine. They specialize in cardiac care – adult and pediatric cardiology and cardiac surgery, complex brain & spine surgeries, orthopedics and joint replacement surgery and minimal access surgery. Maharaja Agrasen Hospital has a good infrastructure for patient care and offers state of art technology for treatment purposes.
Maharaja Agrasen Hospital is one of the most reputed hospital in India and is aimed at providing quality healthcare at affordable prices. Considering the treatment costs Maharaja Agrasen Hospital has always provided treatments for the underprivileged as well as patients coming from foreign countries. They have a team of Full Time Specialists to make sure that there is dedicated staff in the hospital at all times. The nurses and the technical professionals are also fully dedicated and they have treatment procedures that are followed worldwide.

Facilities Available:

  1. EEG
  2. TMT
  3. X-ray
  4. C T Scan
  5. ECG
  6. PFT
  7. Echo
  8. Mammogram
  9. Color Doppler
  10. Ultra Sound
  11. Endoscopy


Chiropractic Back Pain

Involving the tilted pelvis, chiropractic back pain treatments ordinarily includes comprehensive approach that addresses the factors.Spinal manipulation to resolve the oblique pelvis and electrical muscle stimulation with heat to reduce spasms are just two of those that needs chiropractic back pain treatments. Myofascial remedies to resolve trigger points, prescribed stretches to elongate iliopsoas and hydration recommendations in order to eliminate inflammation also comprised to it.




Free distribution of Meals in Maharaja Agrasen Hospital (A social welfare project of Agarwal Seva Samiti) Free distribution of Meals in Maharaja Agrasen Hospital Bangalore for the needy around Padmanabhanagar (Annadana Programme) The Event was Inaugurated by Mrs. Shobha Anajanappa (Counceller) on 09.08.17 at 12.30pm.