Laproscopic Surgery

Laproscopic Surgery

Laproscopic Surgery, The Department of General Surgery at Agrasen Hospital provides surgical care for complex gastrointestinal, pancreatic and biliary disorders. We also offer the latest treatment for common conditions like Stomach and Colorectal cancer, Breast disease, Gall bladder Stones, Hernias, Piles.

Our highly skilled surgeons are specialists in their chosen field and adopt a collaborative approach to patient care. A caring and personalised service is our speciality. Furthermore,  The extra care we take translates into the patient happiness that has a direct effect on the clinical outcome of our procedures.

So, Decisions on surgery are always difficult. You, as a patient are invariably filled with doubts and fears. Being aware of this we take special care to provide you with all necessary information regarding the procedure. Laproscopic Surgery,  We ease you into a positive frame of mind that is crucial for your recovery.

Laparoscopy or minimally invasive surgery is the modern method of surgical procedure 3-5 small incisions in the abdomen according to the need. This procedure offers a quicker recovery also less post operative pain.


At Maharaja Agrasen Hospital, here the best Doctor’s names are following:

Laproscopic  Surgeon

Prakash  Babu

Laproscopic Surgery



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