The Agrasen Hospital department of Opthalmology provides swift, convenient eye care by utilizing the latest, most sophisticated medical equipment. Each Agrasen Hospital facilities are equipped with advanced technology in the form of sophisticated diagnostic and microsurgical equipment.

The Ophthalmology department of Agrasen Hospital is one of the finest progressive depts, of this hospital, equipped including state of the art diagnostic and surgical sections plus wards are observing globally accepted protocols in services, medical hygiene, and standards.

Moreover, Our highly experienced and talented medical personnel in all super specialties of Ophthalmology are providing ethical, evidence-based, personalized services with warm also friendly approach resulting in excellent outcomes include patient satisfaction. Apart from routine, our surgeons are performing complicated, uncommon surgeries also procedures with excellent results.

All these facilities are available to even economically weak patients without any discrimination.


  • Comprehensive Ophthalmology and complete eye check up
  • Emergency eye care and trauma
  • Cataract with IOLs
  • Cornea- Keratoplasties
  • Glaucoma screening, Monitor progression, Surgeries and Lasers
  • Retina – Medical, Surgical and Lasers
  • Squint and Oculoplasty
  • Neuro Ophthalmology – in association with prominent Neurologists.
  • Eye involvement associated with Systemic Medical conditions like diabetes, hypertension, connective tissue disorders, haemaetology with strong support from relative speciality physicians.
  • Paediatric Ophthalmology.


Our Neuro-Opthalmologists evaluate and treat patients who have reduced vision, blind spots owing to disorders of the optic nerve. It is connections to the brain subnormal vision that is not explained by abnormalities of the eyes, double vision, abnormalities of the pupils, and droopy eyelids. They also evaluate and treat any condition in which there may be a brain abnormality causing a disturbance of vision, mis-alignment of the eyes, or abnormal eye movements. Our specialists also provide the evaluation of focal dystonias, blepharospasm and hemifacial spasm.

Cataract surgery (Including lense) 


At Maharaja Agrasen Hospital, here the best Doctor’s names are following:


Dr. Ramesh M N.

Dr. Vijay Kumar.



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