By Director’s Pen:

It gives me great pleasure to serve the institution again as hospital director. Let me begin by extending a warm welcome to all the trustees.

Through our stewardship, management, philanthropy and program development and working closely with our doctors, we were able to expand. As a result we were able to perform at a much higher level and ultimately had the best fiscal year in the history of the hospital.

We had an opportunity in increasing more advanced equipments. We have to see ourselves differently in a more innovative manner.

We had to do things differently and more efficiently. People should come to us for perfect care.

When you come to a hospital you want perfect care. So we want to make sure that we have all assets in place to be able to provide both the technological part as well as the people and professionals to provide perfect care. We have to be more patients friendly.

We have increased our dialysis unit capacity from 10 to 16 machines and now we can serve more needy peoples at a very low cost of Rs. 500/- per dialysis.

We have started the work of phase 3 , which will increase the infrastructure as well as capacity to handle more patients.

We are also proud to highlights :
  •  Free dispensary with medicine
  •  Special discounts to needy patients
  •  Free daily camps in slum areas

As a way to reach the low income community, we have mobile van that go into high needs areas, knowing transportation and finance can be a challenge, the community can access primary medical care through the mobile van dispensaries as well as basic diagnostics. Last year we checked and treated more than 30000 patients through our mobile van.

  • I appreciated Sri Ghanshyam Agarwal  and Karnataka Marwari Samaj for their liberal contribution.
  • I appreciated our doctors Team, Admin Staff and Nursing and Paramedical Staff for their dedicated services.
  • I thank to all my colleagues and governing Board members for their support and timely advice.

Thanks to one and all.

Dr. Satish Jain
Hospital Director

Agrasen hospital Director Dr. Satish Kumar Jain

Dr. Satish Jain
Hospital Director